What is Intel Optane?

By now it’s become more or less mainstream to have a solid-state drive or SSD in your computer or even your phone and why not with their fast response times and more recently falling costs they’re often recommended as the best single upgrade the average user can make to an older machine but most SSDsare based on a storage technology called NAND flash which has actually been around for

decades now and as we demand faster speeds and storage solutions that can handle tons of requests at once which is especially important for all those cloud-based services that we love this aging technology will become more and more of a bottleneck enter Intelobtain a new fundamentally different storage tech based on what Intel is calling 3d crosspoint although they’retreating exactly what sorts of materials they’re using in 3d crosspoint and how they’re arranged as a top-secret what I can tell you is that obtained has a few…

Souce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwH5Q8ZFJvw


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