Walk around video Volvo crawler excavator EC950E

Hello, I’m Roger Teece, product manager with Volvo Construction Equipment and I’d like to take you on a walk around an introduction to the all-new Volvo EC950E,90-ton crawler excavator. Big, powerful, and productive the EC950E has been designed to provide class-leading performance and productivity whilst also giving you superb fuel efficiency, operator comfort, and controllability.

Volvo’s industry-leading cab provides excellent visibility and low sound levels, crucial for operator comfort, control, and safety on your job site. Slim cab pillars and large areas of glass ensure excellent all-round visibility. On the introduction of the E- Series excavators, we’ve reduced the number of switches in the cab by enhancing the functionality of the keypad and monitor. All machine and monitor functions are operated from the remote ergonomically positioned keypad.

Meaning the operator doesn’t have to reach forward over the joystick, which can be a hazard on some machines offered by other manufacturers. The new 8-inch monitor gives a superb interface between machine and operator. It is easy to read in all light conditions and displays all vital machine information as well as facilitating a number of functions. For instance, climate control, lights, attachment flow, and pressure settings, and many more. On the left-hand joystick, the operator has the ability to program one of the joystick buttons to operate a function of their choice, either windscreen wiper, radio mute, camera control, or PowerMax.Meaning the operator doesn’t have to let go of the joystick to operate a separate switch if you’re continuously using one of these functions. Volvo’s powerful industry-leading climate control system provides superior operator comfort.

Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaLq5tD8AJM

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