Save Money on RAM.. with Optane?? – Intel Showcase

All right, time for a build.8700k?Check.Z370 motherboard? Check too.RAM?One stick?! Hold on. Where the devil is the other RAM? And… That’s actually a terrific question.DRAM has been in a global shortage allegedly due to collusion between the major producers, for months! So when Intel reached out asking for some creative ideas for a sponsored video, we pitched using their Potane caching modules as a way of…topping up your system memory. And for some reason, they greenlit this, so…Let’s give it a shot.[intro music]So obviously we’re still gonna need some system memory but

the plan really is to take this and use it to replace some of this, and the rationale behind this is actually a lot less crazy than you’d think. In our testing, we’ve seen that Optane performs more like RAM than it does like an SSD which is to say that it’s got ridiculously low response times compared to this all while being much cheaper than this, and conveniently, even though our Optane module here plugs into an M.2 slot, so this is something that is designed for an SSDWindows already has functionality that lets us use a regular old…storage device as an extension of the system memory.

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