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Auto Expo 2020

Hello welcome to a brand new episode of Autocar India quick news this week of course with a difference we’re at the floor of the 2020 nian Auto Expo to bring you everything that’s new on two and four wheels and we thought we’d start off straight at the data Seoul but before we begin do remember to hit the subscribe button and the bell icon to stay updated on all our latest videos that

is possibly the most stocked of concept that this year’s Auto Expo is this the Tata Sierra TV concept that Ihas resurrected the much-loved SierraMonaco to showcase a new EB SUV concept based on the brand’s alpha architecture design cues include a butch stance just like the original Sierra and of

course the iconic curved over rear windows Tatahasn’t revealed any plans for launch or details on its powertrain spec just yet the HBx follow star does new design language with a split headlamp setup and features muscular squared out wheel arches at 3840 mm in length the HBxwould be smaller than the next one and will most likely be powered by a 1.2liter 3-cylinder engine………….

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